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We asked our graduates what our courses have brought to their lives and how they have improved their lives.

NPL has taught me to critically and comprehensively evaluate common life situations. It has helped me to make good decisions and keep perspective in situations that I was previously unable to deal with.

Renata Šutovská

Managing Director

Thanks to NLP training with Tom Sova, my life has qualitatively shifted to a new dimension. I understand myself and the people around me better. And can there be anything better for family and business than understanding? 

Marie Petrovová

Lecturer and coach

I chose Cognitio-Scan because of their personal approach and their willingness to provide me with information before signing up. I have been attending their courses for 5 years almost continuously. Thanks to them, my life is changing fundamentally. NLP helps me to initiate and integrate these changes.

Radka Evjáková

Trainer and coach

Using NLP in my personal and professional life has helped me to be more myself, to find my inner freedom and freedom in decision making. To be authentic in communication, to go my own way.

Eliška Brázdová

Lecturer and coach

The study was and is valuable to me primarily because of the depth with which it approaches development. I have always been able to see the methods used in a context and quality applicable to everyday life that has supported me in shifting and growing personally.

Petr Polák

Human Factor Professional

NLP has given me an often painful but liberating journey of realizing the truth. The courage to let go and tear down the dysfunctional. The desire and the strength to live my life consciously and thus contribute to its quality and meaningfulness, not only for myself, but also for those around me.

Jana Černá

People Manager

NLP has led me to a better understanding of myself and my surroundings, to inner balance and to the courage to live life to the fullest, according to my wishes. I have learned to experience my inner silence and draw from it in my daily life. There are many NLP courses on the market, however, in Tom Sova's delivery I experience something truly special in each module.

Katarína Simonová

HR Manager for CEE

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